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About Us
Why Do We Do What We Do?

Our Mission

Surfing has changed our lives. Experience has taught us surfing is more fun as you progress, and this is why we share our love for surfing. At Earth Riders, our goal is to show you the best waves the world can offer. Whether it’s the Maldives, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, or anywhere else, we’ll find a surfer’s paradise that suits you. It’s our mission to provide a variety of tours for both local and visiting surfers of all skill levels.

Surf like a local, visit the hotspots and enjoy the thrill without reservations. That’s because we use our local knowledge to ensure you get the perfect surf and weather conditions throughout the whole tour.

Our years of experience allow us to be your ideal partner in finding and riding pumping waves on our featured locations’ vast coastlines. With a dedicated team of individuals who are passionate about surfing, we guarantee that you will be taken to brilliant and uncrowded breaks.

Whether you are looking forward to chasing some serious wave action or you’d like to mix surfing with other activities, such as snorkelling, fishing, and relaxing, Earth Riders will be your partner for what will be a memorable trip of a lifetime!

Who Are We?

We Are Earth Riders

Earth Riders are specialists in packaged and custom surf holidays in many parts of the globe, namely Sri Lanka, Indonesia, and the Maldives. Our team is made of individuals who love outdoor activities, most especially surfing and snowboarding. With experience working as adventure guides, we know how to create plans for exciting tours for every unique preference.

It’s not our intention to be a surf school; instead, we want to create retreats for beginners and intermediate surfers. We aim to achieve this goal by bringing you to the world’s most fun and consistent waves. At the same time, we share our knowledge in the most efficient way possible.

With a straightforward task ahead of us, we aim to teach you about surfing, including the best techniques, the proper etiquettes, and the rich culture of each destination.

For Earth Riders, surfing is a lifestyle. It gives us the freedom to explore and forge new friendships, all whilst having fun!

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    About Us
    What Makes Us Stand Out?

    Our Difference

    Earth Riders take pride in our team’s competence. We value the experience we have acquired through years of travelling, surfing, and planning for exhilarating and rewarding adventures. There’s always something special about surfing, but we’re here to make it even more unforgettable. Earth Riders are a dedicated team of surfers and travellers that aim to represent a culture, lifestyle, and the extraordinary relationship between people and the ocean.

    But what truly makes us stand out from the crowd is our approach to each unique surfer. As surfers ourselves, we understand YOUR needs. That’s why we strive hard to tailor the perfect surf holiday for YOU, be it in a resort, camp, or charter.

    Rest assured that we pour our heart and soul as we create itineraries that transcend regular holidays. Earth Riders take the tours seriously, ensuring each journey is custom-made to fit the guest. Enjoy a trip that’s designed specifically for you. Start a fun and amazing adventure with us today!

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