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Earth Riders Surf Maldives
Experience an Epic Surfing Experience in the


Whether you’re travelling solo or wish to spend your holidays with your friends, the Maldives can give you a well-deserved surfing holiday you will never forget!

Only a few hotspots come close to the beauty and excitement that the Maldives offer to surfers and surfing enthusiasts. Maldives surfing destinations and resorts define the word “paradise” – perhaps even taking it to a whole nother level!

The uniqueness of this paradise on Earth is that the tropical landscapes seamlessly coexist with the luxurious resorts. Surrounded by the azure Indian Ocean, white sands, and pristine beaches, it’s easy to access some of the best reef breaks in the world. Whether you’re a serious surfer or just learning the ropes, there are unlimited choices with warm water and an endless supply of waves all year round!

Enjoy a Unique Surf Holiday in Indonesia


With playful waves and world-class fun, a great adventure for beginners and intermediate surfers awaits!

Did you know that Indonesia is the largest archipelago in the world? With more than 18,000 islands, you can already tell you have an endless number of surf destinations to choose from. No rival can compare, especially with the sheer quantity of waves of the highest quality you can imagine.

Thanks to the Indian Ocean, you can expect consistent swell from the northern parts of Sumatra, reaching the eastern end of Timor. All-year swells, offshore trade winds, and the glorious tropical sound – what could be a better combination?

Waters are comfortable with bath-like temperatures. Plus, there are various types of waves for all surfer levels. Let’s not forget the welcoming people of Indonesia, their rich culture, delicious food, and lux accommodation options. All these things easily add more depth to an already wonderful surfing experience.

Earth Riders Surf Indonesia
Earth Riders Surf Sri Lanka
Hone Your Surfing Skills in Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka may not be on everyone’s list of surf destinations, but that’s actually why it’s so desirable!

Compared to other places, Sri Lanka is not a choice destination for surfers. However, that’s rapidly changing for very obvious reasons. It’s a land of natural beauty. Looking around, you will find yourself in picture-postcard scenery. The 8-10 hour drive from Colombo Airport all the way to Arugam Bay delivers a certified charm. It’s no wonder Marco Polo called Sri Lanka the best island of its size.

The ideal time to surf is during the dry season, which begins in May and runs through September, specifically on the Arugam Bay. The southwest coast, including Hikkaduwa, is another surf region to discover if you’re on the island during the wet season.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to experience an uncrowded surfing spot, this is your chance. Sri Lanka has sand-bottom point breaks with varying wave quality. The search for the right sized wave for you is a thrill on its own!

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    Somewhere in Maldives, Indonesia, or Sri Lanka, there is a perfect wave that suits you.

    Do you dream of a deluxe experience in the Maldives, a quiet surf spot in Sri Lanka, or a luxury resort right on the gigantic Indonesian archipelago? If your dream is to find the perfect point break, you’ve come to the right place.

    Earth Riders are a team of surf enthusiasts. We have spent years looking for the best waves, so you do not have to. Our love for surfing and beautiful destinations allows us to create a seamless travel experience exclusively for you. That’s why we have handpicked surf adventures that we know you will adore.

    Surf, have fun, hang out with like-minded individuals, or relish an intimate surfing experience. Whatever your choice is, there’s always something for you.

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    Earth Riders Surf
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    Enjoy a surfing holiday that meets your expectations and your budget from a handpicked range of incredible destinations from across the globe.

    When it comes to the finest selection of surf trips, we’ve got you covered. Maldives, Indonesia, and Sri Lanka – these are the best choices in the world. Achieving quality surfing experiences for you and your group is our mission. We strive to find the perfect trip for every individual, tailored to their exact needs, all in one place.

    We visit destinations ourselves, which help ensure our clients’ high standards are met. We take pride in all the adventures for surfers that we represent. This serves as your guarantee that each trip embodies exceptional quality for your money. That’s why with Earth Riders, you always get the best surf trip for the best price.

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